Through this unique and interactive opportunity, connect with a Kodawari Mentor to:

  • Identify and break up your samskaras (patterns)
  • Establish your teaching goals and growth trajectory. Your mentor will help you stay accountable.
  • Increase tapas (intensity) and tap into your teaching passions
  • Recognize abhaya (fearlessness) through practical teaching sessions and coaching by your mentor
  • Establish and/or deepen your teaching voice

To signup for our next round of mentorship, email info@kodawariyoga.com for more details.

6 Month Private Mentorship Program includes:

One-on-One Conference

You will meet with your mentor a minimum of four times. Use this opportunity to identify your teaching goals, ask questions, and monitor your teaching progress. You will be given reading and journaling assignments relevant to your goals. (4 Hours)
Time & Location Requirements: Flexible

Practice Teaching

Practice Teach 6-60 minute classes in Kodawari to your friends, family and mentor. (6 hours)
Gain practical teaching hours and receive immediate feedback from your mentor. Your mentor will attend six full classes.

Asana Practice

You are required to practice in your mentor’s class once a week. You will have a brief discussion afterwards to address questions regarding sequencing, assists and student interactions. It’s recommended that you practice at least 3 times per week. Your mentor may recommend specific classes to attend. **Class packages are separate from mentorship. (24 Hours)
Time & Location Requirements: Flexible


You will assist your mentor one-on-one at least 6 times. Receive feedback and coaching about hands-on assisting. (6 hours)

Study of Self (Svadhyaya)

You will be required to complete assignments and readings provided by your mentor tailored by your goals and milestones. In addition, you will receive private access to an online library of mentor lectures. Expand your knowledge base of poses, teaching techniques, theming insights, and teaching tips (Min 12 hours)


200-hour yoga teacher training program certification (or equivalent).


Flexible Schedule: You have 6 months to complete the program from your start date.This mentorship was created to maximize schedule flexibility. All of your sessions will be scheduled with your mentor.


You may request a mentor or identify the skill sets you are interested in developing. In requesting your mentor, be mindful of your ability to attend class times that the mentor teaches. We do our best to match to your preferences but do not guarantee it. We reserve the right to select Mentor based on skill sets and mentor availability.


$1395 Kodawari 200hr YTT Graduates


Upon commencement Mentee has 6 months to complete the following:

  • Teach 6 Classes to your friends & family with Mentor present.
  • Assist in mentor’s class 6 times.
  • 4 one-on-one calls, in-person, or skype conferences with Mentor (up to 1 hour each)
  • Review 5 online teaching videos
  • Complete goal-setting, Journaling & Reading Assignments as directed by Mentor
  • Attend one class per week that Mentor teaches (Minimum 24). Class fees are not part of the program cost.

The following are not guaranteed but are potential outcomes of mentorship completion:

  • Community Class Teaching Position
  • Assisting Position
  • Teaching Position

To signup for our next round of mentorship, email info@kodawariyoga.com for more details.